Lou Ritter

President, AEMSA / E-Research Foundation

As co-founder, first elected President (now President Emeritus) of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), Founder and launch term President of ERF, and TAG Chair of the ANSI U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC 126/SC 3 for Vape and vapor products - Lou serves as an unpaid consumer volunteer with no financial involvement in the industry. - AEMSA is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) professional trade association establishing the world’s only self-regulation, with verifications, e-liquid manufacturing standards. Representing AEMSA, Lou has presented before the USA FDA five times, met with OMB/OIRA twice, speaks at industry-leading conferences and more. http://www.aemsa.org/standards/ - E-Research Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) designed to be an industry-wide collective funding portal to advance independent medical/scientific research targeted for peer-review and publication. E-Research Foundation has assembled recognized leaders, from all categories of the vapor products marketplace, to participate on the Grant Committee. ERF has a team of highly credentialed SME Advisors to facilitate the Grant Committee’s decisions. All ERF participants serve as unpaid volunteers. http://e-researchfoundation.org/